The Port Macquarie Hastings Sustainability Network brings together local business people, community members and organisations in the Port Macquarie Hastings local government area with a shared vision towards a sustainable future.

We engage in this network because of:

  • Shared value
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Networking/Influence/Empowerment/Positive space
  • Part of something bigger/umbrella group
  • Vision/Regional plan/alignment with policy/leadership
  • Connections/Council links/project links
  • Renewable energies/Conduit
  • Promotion/Support/Parallel vehicle/conduit for other groups

We have agreed on the following as group norms-rules:

  • The network has a ‘guilt free’ opt in/opt out of any project or activity philosophy
  • The network has a principle of consensus
  • We should not use the name for any purpose other than that which the network agrees (so request the network support)

Our Team

The network is made up of individuals, businesses and other organisations from the Port Macquarie Hastings area who are passionate about improving the region's triple bottom line, that is, its social, environmental and financial sustainability.

email: energyforever (at) pmhsn.org.au
follow : facebook.com/pmhsustainabilitynetwork
call project officer Anne Wilson: 0419-161-568 / 02-6586-2260

Energy Forever was initiated by the Port Macquarie-Hastings Sustainability Network and has been supported by the NSW Government as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy Program.